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Nadeige Choplet

I approach ceramic as a three-dimensional canvas where I can explore with colors and patterns. As a defiant reaction to the French artistic education that keeps art and design on two separate platforms, I particularly enjoy blurring the lines between sculpture and functionality and giving nodes to functional work into my recent sculptural work.

Nadeige Choplet graduated from the Beaux-Arts school in Paris with a Masters in Painting and Sculpture and came to New York with a Fulbright scholarship to pursue a second Master in Art, this time focused on Ceramics at Lehman College. Nadeige’s work has been featured in a variety of global publications and sold internationally. Nadeige has been sharing her passion for clay and teaching at universities since she graduated.


In 2006, she opened a ceramic studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to a few artists and neighbors who expressed an interest in trying a medium they were not familiar with. Since then, the Choplet Gallery and Ceramic Studio has expanded to fulfill the needs and interests of the Tri-State community and has helped bring awareness to the creative world of ceramics and its local artists. The space has been a place for students to learn, artists to express, conversation to happen. In 2010, Williamsburg Ceramic Center opened up to professional potters, as a continuity to Choplet Studio. Nadeige has become a mainstay of the art community in the area by creating environments that foster personal and professional growth. 

At the same time as developing two pottery studios and an art gallery, Nadeige continues to create and sell art. More information about commissioning art can be found in the commissions section of the main menu. 

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