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Light Chandeliers for Matt Gagnon

8" x 8" x 7"

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Vases for See Yoon

Mold fabrication, slip cast production, and glazing of ceramic shapes are used in a unique modular installation by artist-architect See Yoon.

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Dexter Limited Plate Setting Edition

A limited edition of 16 plate settings was created for decorator Amy Lau and the network Showtime in partnership with Metropolitan Home Magazine. During Fall 2008, the plates were on display in the “Dexter” dining room of a Gramercy Park, New York Show House, where each couture room was inspired by a Showtime TV series.

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Dinner Plates for Nicolas Party / Salon 94 Gallery

Produced 250 oversized 14" dinner plates, then painted on by Nicolas Party and shown at his installation of Dinner Party for 24 Dogs

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Jim Franco Plates

Custom sets for Jim Franco 5 custom sets of 2 plates and three nesting bowls for photographer/food stylist Jim Franco, NYC.

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Wangechi Mutu/Gladstone Gallery

Ceramic Installation for Wangechi Mutu / Gladstone Gallery, as part of her exhibition, “Hunt Bury Flee”, at Gladstone Gallery in Chelsea, NYC from October 30-December 18, 2010.

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Creation of 4 ceramic window display sculpture installations to showcase four unique jewelry set creations based on the Four Seasons.

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